Portonave Digital Inclusion Project – All on board of education

The Portonave Institute believes that education is a transformation agent. Looking into the future, the Digital Inclusion project was created to help schools in underprivileged regions of the city of Navegantes.

It implements computer centers in public schools that do not have computers or where this resource is not adequate. The number of computers donated varies based on the number of students of the institution. In addition to the donation, if necessary, the Institute Portonave reorganizes the infrastructure of the space available –  its electrical structure, furniture etc.

In addition to the computer rooms, the project offers lectures on the safe use of the internet and distributes booklets of Movimento Família Mais Segura (safer family movement). All meetings with students are carried out by volunteers of the Portonave Institute.

Projeto Onda (Wave project)

Created in 2013, the Wave Project is focused on encouraging children aged from 7 to 10 years old to learn the core values of citizenship. The project offers weekly classes covering topics such as the importance of the family, work, study, respect for people and the environment. Children attend classes for four months and, after this period, they receive the title of “Oficiais do Bem” (Officers of the Good) and commit to share the lessons they have learned with other children.